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Q&A: Why are some kits listed as "Out Of Stock"?

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Someone commented that this blog has not been updated in a long time. Honestly, I forget that I have the blog and so don’t think to make new posts. So I’m going to try to post something at least once a month to keep it fresh.

Oftentimes, you might find that a certain kit is listed as out of stock. Since I don’t have a warehouse full of kits to pull off a shelf and ship to customers, what does this mean? Kits that contain photoetched parts or very specific tubes of some sort are limited by those materials. So if, for example, I run out of the photoetch for a kit, I don’t want customers to order that kit until I have the parts to produce it. When a kit falls under this kind of restriction, I enter the number of photoetch sets that I have on hand and limit the number of kits that can be ordered by that number. It helps me manage reordering photoetch or specific plastic or brass tubes. In very few cases I have discontinued kits, but for the most part “out of stock” means that the kit will be available again as soon as I can resupply some material for it.

1/144 Shuttle Decals back in stock

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I have received a new supply of the 1/144 Shuttle decals from Microscale. They have done a terrific job of printing as usual. 

I have also printed new decal sets for the Saturn 1B, 1/48 Mercury detail sets and a few other kits for which the decal supply was running low. The 1/144 Gemini Titan now has a slightlyexpanded decal set to add detail to the kit.

1/24 Voyager Kit Returns to Production

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I'm pleased to announce that the 1/24 Voyager kit will be returning to production in May 2017. The initial run is for 12 kits, but if those sell well, another run will be put into production.

The Saturn 1 Block 2 kits are shipping now, and the Saturn 1B are almost ready to ship. I am updating the S-IV-B with FK3D parts and I'm waiting for the last piece to be printed. The Saturn 1B kit should be shipping by the end of April. If you have ordered a Saturn 1B I apologize for the delay, but I think you will be happy with the resulting kit.

Kits Returning To Production

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I'm aware that people have noticed that some kits are listed as "out of stock". When this notice appears it usually means that some part of the kit has run out and of course, I can't sell an incomplete kit. This usually happens when I run out of photoetch. Although in the case of the Saturn 1B and Saturn 1 Block 2 kits it was because the very specific sized tubes I use for the first stage was unavailable.

I'm happy to say that the following kits will be back in production in April: 1/144 N-1, 1/144 SkyLab, 1/144 Soyuz Launch Vehicle, 1/144 Mercury Redstone, 1/144 Mercury Atlas, 1/144 Little Joe, 1/144 Saturn 1B and the 1/144 Saturn 1 Block 2

Other kits such as the 1/24 Voyager, 1/72 ASTP, 1/72 Mercury Gemini Apollo set and the 1/72 Payload Bay kit will be available again later in the year.


"Contact Me" problems fixed

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I recently received a "snail mail" from a customer who had been trying to contact me through the "Contact Me" page on the site. I had not received any of his communications and then I realized that I could not remember getting any "contact me" emails for some time. Three or more weeks it turns out. 

I contacted Squarespace, who hosts my site, and told them of the problem. After a few tries at fixes, I think we have it taken care of. If you have tried to contact me from the middle of April to the middle of May, 2016 and I have not responded, I apologize. I was unaware of the problem until it was brought to my attention. You don't miss emails you don't get.

When I receive a question or comment from a customer through my "Contact Me" page, I try to respond within a day. I have had a few customers whose emails have bounced back to me when I have responded, and at that point, there isn't much I can do. But that's pretty rare.

David Weeks Drawing Sets available

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Many people have contacted me about the David Weeks drawing sets I have offered in the past. These sets are available again. I have been having some problems getting the sets printed and so I did not initially include them on the new website. I believe I have the printing problem solved - at least for the time being.

On another note, Christmas is rapidly approaching and if you are interested in some products from RealSpace Models, it's best to get your orders in early. Orders received by the first week of December should be delivered by the holidays. People wanting delivery outside the United States may want to order earlier, as overseas shipment can be delayed by customs, especially at this time of year.

1/72 Mercury; Soyuz TM kits available again

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Several kits are presently marked "out of stock". Most of these are because the kit uses photoetched parts and I have run out of that particular photoetch. The 1/72 Mercury Redstone and Mercury Atlas and Soyuz TM kits were on that list, but are now available again as the photoetch has been resupplied. 

Other kits will become available again soon. Part of the problem is that the people who do my photoetch have been going through some tough family medical issues and so production has been delayed. So to accommodate this, I have been only reordering small batches of resupply to them. The parts yield on the sheets for these kits is high, so I started with them. 

Some people have inquired about the Saturn 1 and 1B kits. They are out of stock because I am out of the brass tubes that make up the first stage. I have contacted the supplier several times and have not as of yet, gotten a response. If I have to conclude that I will be unable to get the tubes anymore, I will have to redesign the kits in some way that doesn't require those brass tubes. But in any case, the  Saturn 1 and 1B kits will be available again in the near future.

Still working some bugs

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Thanks to the kind people who have found glitches on the new site and pointed them out.  As I am not an internet magician, I miss stuff - some of it big, like not making the online store go live. Some of it small, like a misspelled link. I have received very kind and constructive comments from many.

I have also received many compliments on the look of the new site. While some of the credit goes to Squarespace, I like to think the work I put into the site was worth it. A shout-out to my youngest son, who on Father's Day, presented me with the new banner he designed for the site. I think he did a terrific job and I'm proud to put it to good use.

New Website, New Kits

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Welcome to the new RealSpace Models website. Please be patient as some of the sections are still under construction. 

RealSpace Models has some newly available kits and some new versions of older kit now available.  The newest additions to the line are the 1/144 SLS Block 1 and the 1/24 New Horizons. Both kits are available now.

We have been updating and improving some of  the older kits, such as the Mercury Redstone, Gemini Titan and Mercury Atlas. Parts for all or most of these kits have been remastered in 3D printing and the increase in detail is really impressive.

We are also working on new kits and will have some of them available very soon. Included in the list of new products is a 1/24 Surveyor lander and several scales (1/144, 1/72 and 1/48) of the Orion spacecraft.