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New Website, New Kits

Glenn Johnson2 Comments

Welcome to the new RealSpace Models website. Please be patient as some of the sections are still under construction. 

RealSpace Models has some newly available kits and some new versions of older kit now available.  The newest additions to the line are the 1/144 SLS Block 1 and the 1/24 New Horizons. Both kits are available now.

We have been updating and improving some of  the older kits, such as the Mercury Redstone, Gemini Titan and Mercury Atlas. Parts for all or most of these kits have been remastered in 3D printing and the increase in detail is really impressive.

We are also working on new kits and will have some of them available very soon. Included in the list of new products is a 1/24 Surveyor lander and several scales (1/144, 1/72 and 1/48) of the Orion spacecraft.