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Kits Returning To Production

Glenn Johnson1 Comment

I'm aware that people have noticed that some kits are listed as "out of stock". When this notice appears it usually means that some part of the kit has run out and of course, I can't sell an incomplete kit. This usually happens when I run out of photoetch. Although in the case of the Saturn 1B and Saturn 1 Block 2 kits it was because the very specific sized tubes I use for the first stage was unavailable.

I'm happy to say that the following kits will be back in production in April: 1/144 N-1, 1/144 SkyLab, 1/144 Soyuz Launch Vehicle, 1/144 Mercury Redstone, 1/144 Mercury Atlas, 1/144 Little Joe, 1/144 Saturn 1B and the 1/144 Saturn 1 Block 2

Other kits such as the 1/24 Voyager, 1/72 ASTP, 1/72 Mercury Gemini Apollo set and the 1/72 Payload Bay kit will be available again later in the year.