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Finally, an accurate kit of the Block II flight version of the Apollo Command/Service Module. This resin and photoetch kit includes a detailed interior, photoetched radiators and High Gain Antenna and Decals. Due to a high volume of orders on this kit please limit orders to 2 at a time.

The talents of several fine modelers helped to create this kit:  research provided by David Weeks, the photoetch was designed by Mark Gray, an exquisite docking probe (extended and retracted positions included) built by David Carlton and “Ultimate CSM Decals” by Rick Sternbach all come together to provide the modeler with a kit anyone would be proud to include in their collection.


Kit includes 53 resin and 27 photoetched parts Decals

CSM with MyStand base

Displaying the CSM is made easy by ordering the base shown from Click on the photo to link to their website.

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